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Experienced Apartment Movers in Minnesota

So your lease is up and you’re moving out. Whether you’re moving across the courtyard or to an entirely new abode in Minnesota, the essence of home is carried with every cherished possession. At Minne Movers, we are devoted to ensuring the secure transition of your belongings from your current apartment to the next, regardless of the floor level or the distance.

Apartment Moving Tips:

We’ve come up with some ideas through the years that will help you reduce apartment move-in costs and make your experience even more efficient.

Initial Walkthrough

This is the time to give us a tour of the rooms and furniture we’re going to be moving. When we arrive for our first walkthrough, tell us what to move and what not to move. That way we’re all prepared on the big day.

Moving Day

There are things you can do ahead of time to help your move go more smoothly. If things happen to change as we go, no problem! Just let us know how we can help out.

The Parking Lot

Unlike moving into a residential home, an apartment move will be a little tricky. Typically, we’ll either find street parking or reserve the loading dock. An important thing to consider is our route. From stairs, elevators, and hallways, we want to make sure we have a good understanding of the route so we can be sure to give you an accurate estimate and bring the correct equipment. You’ll want to let management know about our plans.

The Elevator

If building management is able to hold the elevator, This will allow the movers to move items more effectively, which will result in less time spent on your move! If the item is too large, we will properly move it on the stairs.

Apartment Moving in Minnesota

Final Walkthrough Process

This last walkthrough is to make sure we have moved everything you asked. Check the closets, check the balcony, check the garage, check places that might've been forgotten.

It is important to communicate with your movers to make sure they grab everything you want moved. If we need to come back for items that were missed, we will need to stay on the clock and charge for our time. Our goal is to make moving affordable, and a little communication can go a long way.

We never move live plants, hazardous materials, perishable foods, or mount TVs.

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Fewer Trips

We have plenty of people and trucks to get it done fast. Save time with more movers on the job.

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Affordable Pricing

We’ll bundle all of your costs into one service. Save money on trucks, gas, and other moving expenses.

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Experienced Professionals

We have fun but take every job seriously. Enjoy your move worry free!

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Efficient Moving

We have plenty of apartment moving experience. Relax knowing we have it figured out.

Key Minne Movers Benefits

The Way You Move

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Professional Wrapping and packing

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Efficient & Always On Time

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Highest Rated Movers in Minnesota

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Ready For Any Moving Challenge

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