How much will my move cost?

There are many factors to consider when evaluating your move. The best way is to allow a professional to visit your home or to send photos to Be detailed when sending photos over and do not forget any rooms as that could fluctuate the price on moving day. 


How will my move be priced?

Your move will mainly consist of two charges, the trip charge and the hourly rate. The trip charge is implemented to cover the costs of getting our truck, crew, and supplies to and from your door. This is a one time charge and the price depends on the size of crew, number of trucks, and distance we must travel. The hourly moving rate fluctuates depending on the size of the crew and it will be shown on your estimate. 


Why do you price hourly and how is it beneficial?

We price hourly so that our customer is in control of how much they spend. We are happy to help with anything  involved with moving such as packing, assembly, disassembly, organizing, dismounting TV's, etc. 


Will I pay more than the estimate?

Your estimate is provided by a professional with plenty of experience in quoting which allows us to guarantee that our quote will be within 15% or our estimate. This rule will be nullified if we show up on move day and there are extra rooms or extra items that were not discussed.


What will cause the cost of my move to increase?

The unforeseen events that were not discussed will cause your move to increase.

  • Not boxing up all items

  • Discovering rooms and extra items that were not discussed.

  • Long hallways, elevators, or stairs that were not discussed. 

Honesty and transparency are important when it comes to receiving an accurate quote.


How do I know my movers will be working hard while on the clock?

Our movers are dedicated, hardworking and honest. We have too much pride in our reputation to take advantage of our customers. We make sure to work safe and efficiently throughout the whole process. Take a look at our online reviews to see what our customers say about us!



How can I reduce the total cost of my move?

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your move. The preparation upfront can significantly lower the price if done correctly.


Here are some:

  • Make sure all small items are boxed up and the

  • box is closed, labeled, and taped shut. 

  • Place all boxes and light miscellaneous items near an exit for shorter trips to and from the truck.

  • Transport lamps, mirrors, glass, art, and sentimental values in your own vehicle if you are capable.

  • Disassemble all beds, cribs, and exercise equipment. Save the hardware in a plastic bag.

  • Take TV’s off the wall to get it ready for our movers to wrap and protect.


What if I don’t have the time to prepare?

We are more than happy to assist with all the preparation needed but keep in mind that the price will be higher. We are more than capable of packing your items along with disassembling and reassembling. You say jump and we ask how high!


Do you provide or sell boxes?

Boxes are included when you use our packing services. If you would like to pack yourself, we can drop off boxes for you to purchase and use.



Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?



Do you offer insurance on items?

The standard insurance coverage for the moving industry is 60 cents per pound. For example, if we damage your 100lb dresser, we would compensate you $60.


What if my items are of extraordinary value?

We offer full value protection coverage for items of extraordinary value. Talk to your moving expert at Minne Movers for more information. 


How can I be sure that my items will be taken care of?

We have great pride in building a trustworthy company. We make sure to put the customer first and make the situation right. Accidents do happen. 



Do you move gun safes or pianos?

Yes. We have a standard fee for gun safes and pianos under 600lbs. The price is subject to change if there are stairs and the weight is over 600lbs.


Do you move playsets or trampolines?

Yes. The price will change depending on size, and if we need to assemble and/or disassemble.