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Grand Forks/Fargo

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Twin Cities Specialty Moving

You have items that mean a lot to you – maybe that family heirloom or upright piano or anything else that has intrinsic, significant value. These can be tough to move because of their shape, size or weight. Typically, we also see gun safes, statues, gym equipment, grandfather clocks, sentimental items, trampolines, playsets, and arcade games. You can count on us to take care of it while it gets to its destination.

What We'll Move

We’d love to be your heavy safe movers or gun safe movers, but we ask that you keep gun safes under 600 pounds.
Statues depend on their size or how they’re created. 

Gym equipment depends on disassembly and reassemble  – we find that sometimes the pulley systems can be tough to deal with.

Specialty Moving
Treadmills are usually easy to get taken apart, especially Peloton, treadmills, or bikes.

We will move grandfather clocks (typically, there is a correct way to take out the pendulum and the other mechanisms inside there). With arcade games, think race car games or pinball machines.

Helpful Hint: Tell us up front the shape or size of your items for efficient planning and a fast move day.

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We never move boats, pool tables, hot tubs, grand or baby grand pianos. We’re always happy to move playsets and trampolines.

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Faster Move

With a large team, we can move your bulky items faster and get you settled into your new home quick.

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Affordable Price

When you hear “specialty moving”, you might expect it to be expensive. We offer affordable services on the hour.

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Don't Risk Injury

These items are typically difficult to move yourself. We have plenty of boots on the ground to get the job done.

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Right Equipment

Sometimes these items require special equipment to take them apart or move them around. We have the tools you need.

Key benefits With Our Service

The Way You Move

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Professional Wrapping and packing

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Efficient & Always On Time

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Highest Rated Movers in Minnesota

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Ready For Any Moving Challenge

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