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Professionally Trained Safe Movers

Safes are heavy and hard to move on your own. We have plenty of hands-on experience and team members who can get the job done without damage or injury.

Safe Moving Tips:

Always tell us the weight of your safe before we move it. If it's a 400 pound gun safe, two guys should have no problem doing that. Once you get up into the 600 to 700s, it is nice to have the proper equipment and more people, having more hands on decks to make it safer.

Plan the route through your house first. Typically we try to choose the path of least resistance. This might mean figuring out how to properly turn through a doorway, taking doors off of hinges, or dials off of the gun safe. Make sure that staircases are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the safe along with two or three people. To make the safe lighter, you can empty it out of take off the door. Sometimes that sheds close to 100 pounds!

Gun Safes

Doing it on your own? Use a heavy duty dolly with secure straps and an appliance blanket. Wear the supportive shoes for with good traction so you don't slip. You are going to have a lot of weight on your feet. Get a durable pair of work gloves. If they're grippy, that will help grab that slick gun safe. 

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Quick Move

With as many team members as we have, we can move your safe faster.

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Reasonably Priced

You might expect safe movers to charge high prices. We want to make our customers happy, so we work on the hour at reasonable prices.

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Minimal Heavy Lifting

Safes are heavy and hard to move yourself. With a large, experienced team, you can get your safe to the right place without worrying about hurting yourself.

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Prepared Team

Safes will probably require a lot more equipment than you have on hand. We have the equipment and the hands to get it done.

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