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Residential Moving Professionals

Are you looking for a team of pros to move you into your new house? We can help. Residential moves are similar to apartment moves, but the logistics are easier to work out – we have more space and no management hoops to jump through. Your time is money, so we want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Residential Moving Tips:
Initial Walkthrough

This is when we’ll tour your current space to put our eyes on what we’ll be moving and mapping out our path. When we arrive, tell us what to move and what not to move. We also ask that you point out anything of value, like a family heirloom. This helps us all to be more prepared on the day of your big move.

Helpful Hint: Have your boxes and piles separated so we know exactly what to grab.

Moving Day

You’ve reached moving day, and it’s go time. Since we did a walkthrough, we should have a solid plan for the day. Typically we park in the driveway to create less walking time. We understand that plans often change. If that happens on your moving day, just be sure to let us know how we can help.


To get the most of your time, we ask that you move any cars out of the driveway. If it’s steep or otherwise difficult to back a truck into, just let us know. We’ll figure out an alternative.

Disassembling Furniture

We’ll take bed frames apart if you need us to and take TVs off the wall. We will reassemble bed frames, but we don’t offer TV mounting.

Large Items & Smaller Homes

Large or specialty items might be difficult to move. For example, older, smaller homes have skinnier doorways, tighter turns, lower hanging ceilings, and steeper staircases. We might need to remove doors or handles. It takes some strategy, so we ask that you be patient with us.


Have a knack for directing? It would be great for someone to point the way for each box or piece of furniture. If we don’t know, we’ll just have to stack the boxes against the walls. If it starts out in the right place, you spend less money on time rearranging!

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Final Walkthrough

We’ll do a final walkthrough at your previous house to make sure we got everything. Then another at your new one to make sure nothing needs to be moved. We don’t want to waste your time and money by driving back and forth after the move.

There is a 3% fee for using a credit card on residential moves. Tips are appreciated.

We never move live plants, hazardous materials, perishable foods, or mount TVs.

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Fewer Trips

We have multiple trucks and movers who can get everything in one trip. Don’t worry about going back and forth all day.

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Fast & More Efficient Move

We have experience moving large homes quickly and efficiently. You can relax knowing we’ll get the job done on time.

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Safer Move

We have a strong team who’s experienced with heavy lifting. Save your back by letting us do the hard work.

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Attention to Detail

We’re careful with beloved specialty items so they never get damaged. Enjoy your move stress free!

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