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Residential Moving Professionals

Are you looking for a team of pros to transition you into your new home right here in Minnesota? Look no further. Specializing in Residential Moving Minnesota, our specialized equipment and refined operating procedures allow us to move any house efficiently. Your time is money, so we want to make sure everything goes as planned.

How do we estimate the move?

In order to provide an estimate, our professionals need to get a visual on each item that needs to be moved.

At Minne Movers we have 3 options our customers select from to receive an estimate

Virtual Walkthrough

Our CRM called Supermove has an estimate feature that allows us to text your phone a link. Once the customer clicks on the link, Supermove will provide instructions on how to take videos of each room that needs to be moved. This option can be done on your own time and does not require any scheduling.

Facetime/Google Duo

Schedule a date and time you are available at home to show us around via Facetime or Google Duo. This is our most efficient option because we can ask questions and still maintain a personal feel without any travel.

In Person

Schedule a date and time you are available to walk us around your home in person. This option is best for moves with specialty items, family heirlooms, and other challenging situations that our movers will face.

Residential Moving Tips:


To get the most of your time, we ask that you move any cars out of the driveway. Our movers will look for the most efficient position to park the truck once they arrive at both locations.


Labeling your boxes by which room they will go in at the unload is essential. Going even further by labeling your furniture will make life easier as the customer won't be required to direct our movers as much while unloading. Above and beyond would be labeling each room at the unload location as well.


Disassembling items is often required when moving in order to maneuver through doorways, hallways and to be safely transported to the next location. Our rule of thumb is to always put things back how we find them. Meaning, if we have to disassemble an item in order to move it safely, we will reassemble it at your new home. Keep in mind, if you are able to disassemble your own furniture before we arrive it will cut down on the time taken to complete the move, which will result in a lower bill for you.

Large & Specialty Items

We love a good challenge at Minne Movers. Many customers have a heavy and or challenging item that needs to be moved safely. With our specialized moving equipment and supplies we are capable of moving almost anything safely. We ask our customers to provide additional information on such items as it will help our movers be more prepared when they arrive.


Have a knack for directing? Our most efficient moves happen when our customer is standing near the front door directing our movers where to put their items. Prior to the move we encourage our customers to think about how they might want their furniture arranged at the new house. This way, you can direct our movers without having to think about which wall you want your dresser on!

Residential Moving in Minnesota

Our Walkthrough Process

Each move requires 4 walkthroughs. A starting walkthrough and final walkthrough are necessary for both locations.

Initial Walkthrough

When we arrive, please show us what needs to be moved and what doesn't need to be moved. This allows our movers to formulate a strategy for the loading process.

End of Load Walkthrough

Once we are nearing the end of the load, walk us around the house to make sure everything that needs to be moved has been moved. We do not want to leave anything behind before we head out to unload. Make sure to check every closet and hiding space as our movers will not be familiar with the house.

Unload Walkthrough

Show us the layout of the home along with providing a name for each room. This allows our movers to get each item to its correct room.

Final Walkthrough

Walk us around the house to make sure each box and furniture item is in its correct room and position. Double check to make sure everything is reassembled as well. We want to make sure you have little to no heavy lifting to do before we leave the property.

Once the final walkthrough is complete and okayed by the customer, our movers will gather supplies and head back to our headquarters. Please make sure everything looks right before we leave the location. Tips are never expected but always appreciated when our guys go above and beyond for you.

** We are unable to move live plants, live animals, hazardous materials, reconnect fridges/washers/dryers, or mount TVs **

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Fewer Trips

We have multiple trucks and movers who can get everything in one trip. Don’t worry about going back and forth all day.

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Fast & More Efficient Move

We have experience moving large homes quickly and efficiently. You can relax knowing we’ll get the job done on time.

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Safer Move

We have a strong team who’s experienced with heavy lifting. Save your back by letting us do the hard work.

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Attention to Detail

We’re careful with beloved specialty items so they never get damaged. Enjoy your move stress free!

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