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Covid-19 Policy

Below is the policy we adhere to when it comes to Covid-19 and the protocols/pre-cautions that are taken.

COVID-19 Info For Moving

For the most part, you’ll be in your own residence, or, an apartment building with its own set of rules. While masks are required in indoor settings in Minnesota and North Dakota, this only applies to public spaces. Because this is your private residence, you can work within your own comfort level. Our team will be wearing masks and sanitizing everything we are able to, while maintaining as much distance as possible from you and your family during the move. We have moved immuno-compromised individuals into assisted-living facilities and followed all protocols. We have also moved healthy individuals who do not see a need to wear a mask. We can handle any extreme on the spectrum.

What is social distancing, and how could it impact my move?

If you’d like to – or need to – social distance from the Unique Movers team during the move, we would ask that you be aware of our team as we move through your home. As we will be carrying heavy boxes and furniture, it can be difficult to keep proper distancing or see every person in the vicinity.

Can I move to a new state during COVID-19?

You can move to a new state! Check with your new state’s Department of Health guidelines on whether you may or may not need to self-quarantine before going into public places of gathering.

Should I move during COVID-19?

There’s no reason not to move during COVID-19. Interest rates are low, the market for housing is moving, and health protocols can safely be followed.

Will gloves help if I move during COVID-19?

In general, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) doesn’t recommend gloves unless you are caring for or cleaning for someone who is sick. Instead, focus on good handwashing techniques before and after the move, as well as if you are switching tasks like breaking for a meal or to rest.

What is the best way to disinfect my personal belongings?

Here is a list of disinfectants the CDC recommends. Otherwise, generally speaking, the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 can only live for a few hours to a few days on surfaces, so if you pack a few days ahead of time, there would be no issue. For instance, cardboard can only host the virus for about 24 hours, while it can live on a doorknob for about five days.

How can I minimize contact if I have to get a moving estimate?

We do offer moving estimates online via email, or you can call in and we can give you an estimate over the phone. There’s no need for in-person contact for a moving estimate.

Where do I get the latest information for moving during COVID-19?

We’d suggest checking with your state Department of Health, such as the
Minnesota Department of Health or North Dakota Department of Health.