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Our Standard Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is based on four variables. The first variable is the number of trucks we bring to your job. The second variable is the size of the crew that is required to finish your job in a timely manner. The third variable is the amount of hours it takes to complete your job. The fourth is the total miles driven to complete your job.



$ 85.00

Per Hour

We charge $85 an hour per mover. The clock starts when we arrive at your starting address and ends when we have properly placed all of your items in your new home. Please keep in mind that we charge $95 an hour on weekends and holidays. Here is a breakdown of how much a crew costs per hour for weekday moves:

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2 Mover Crew: $170/hour

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3 Mover Crew: $255/Hour

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4 Mover Crew: $340/Hour

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5 Mover Crew: $425/Hour


$ 100.00

Per Hour

In the simplest terms, we charge $100 for a truck to show up to your home. If your job requires two or three trucks then you will see the charge accordingly on your final invoice. The $100 flat rate is applicable to all local moves within 30 miles of our warehouse.

Fuel Surcharge

$ 1.00

Per Mile

The fuel surcharge is based off of a round trip mileage calculation that charges $1 permile from our warehouse to your desired stops and then back to our warehouse.

Amount of Hours

15 Min.

Per Increment

We round up the time to the nearest 15 minute increment. Please keep in mind that we work by the hour and can be used as a resource for other projects. If you want us to reassemble your beds and place all items in the correct spot then we will do so but it will take slightly longer.

Other Potential Charges

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Hold Time

Sometimes we have to hold items in our truck overnight or for a few hours while our customers are closing on their new home. We charge $100/hour per truck during business hours.

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Specialty Items

If you have any hard to move items you may see an extra charge on your invoice. We will make sure to notify you if we are going to charge more before we move it. Examples would be pianos, gun safes, hot tubs, etc.

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Floor Protection

If you would like to have your carpet and hardwood floors protected, there is an additional charge of $50 per home. For example, if you would like to protect both your existing home and new home, the total charge will be $100.

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If your move is long distance then we will make sure to notify you of the additional charge during the quoting process.

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If you would like us to take any unwanted items we will be sure to agree upon a price before we leave. Large furniture pieces, mattresses, box springs, electronics, and hazardous materials are the hardest items to dispose of.

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Moving Blankets

If for any reason we need to leave our padded moving blankets with you then you will be charged $10 per blanket. If you return the blanket then you will receive a $5 credit back per blanket.

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Wardrobe Boxes

We charge a rental fee of $5 per wardrobe box. We will bring them on the day of the job and we expect to get them back at the end of the move.

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The pricing

Standard Pricing Examples

Below is an example of the price breakdown for a small, medium, and large job that we typically see. Please keep in mind that these prices fluctuate depending on multiple variables.

Small Job

1 Bedroom Apartment

One Truck: $100

Two Mover Crew: $170/Hour

Total # of Hours: 3.75

Miles Driven: 46

Total: $783.50

Medium Job

2 Bedroom Home

One Truck: $100

Three Mover Crew: $255/Hour

Total # of Hours: 6.25

Miles Driven: 63

Total: $1756.75

Large Job

5 Bedroom Home

Two Trucks: $200

Four Mover Crew: $340/Hour

Total # of Hours: 8

Miles Driven: 25

Total: $2995

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