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Two Movers and a Truck:

The two movers will be paid hourly and there will be a trip charge implemented to cover fuel, maintenance, and insurance for the vehicle. 

Two Movers: $95/Hour

Trip Charge: $95


Just Two Movers:

Two movers will come help you move furniture in your house or help load your rental truck and will be compensated hourly.

Two Movers: $95/Hour


Standard Times for Moves: 

1-2 Bedroom: 2-5 hours

3-4 Bedroom: 4-8 hours 


*Times will vary upon multiple factors such as:
  1. Time you spend preparing for us.

  2. Time spent boxing, wrapping, labeling.

  3. Distance of move.

  4. Elevators in apartments

  5. Second or third floor with stair access only.

  6. Disassembly and assembly

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