Two Movers and a Truck:

The two movers will be paid hourly and there will be a trip charge implemented to cover fuel, maintenance, and insurance for the vehicle. 

Two Movers: $120/Hour

Trip Charge: $120

*One hour minimum


Just Two Movers:

Two movers will come help you move furniture in your house or help load your rental truck and will be compensated hourly.

Two Movers: $120/Hour

*One hour minimum 


Average Prices for Moves: 

1-2 Bedroom: $360 - $720

3-4 Bedroom: $690 - $1,200 


*Times will vary upon multiple factors such as:
  1. Time you spend preparing for us.

  2. Time spent boxing, wrapping, labeling.

  3. Distance of move.

  4. Multiple destinations such as a storage unit.

  5. Elevators in apartments

  6. Walking distance to apartment or front door.

  7. Second or third floor with stair access only.

  8. Disassembly and assembly

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