Movers and a Truck:

Our standard service allows us to show up with 2-6 movers and multiple trucks. Call the Minnē Movers to discuss your move or set up an in-home quote and we will send the appropriate amount of guys and trucks suited for your move. 


Just Movers:

Two or more movers will come help move furniture in your house or help load your rental truck and will be compensated by the hour depending on the size of the crew

*Minimum Charge of $200


Average Times for Moves: 

1-2 Bedroom: 3 - 5 Hours

3-4 Bedroom:  5 - 9 Hours


*Times will vary upon multiple factors such as:
  1. Time you spend preparing for us.

  2. Time spent boxing, wrapping, labeling.

  3. Distance of move.

  4. Multiple destinations such as a storage unit.

  5. Elevators in apartments

  6. Walking distance to apartment or front door.

  7. Second or third floor with stair access only.

  8. Disassembly and assembly


Our disposal prices are based on the cubic yards of waste. One full truckload is equivalent to a 30 yard rolloff dumpster or 12 regular truck beds.


*Call or send photos to for an accurate quote.

Each additional item listed will add $40 to the total cost:

1. Mattress

2. Box Spring

3. Television/Large Electronics

4. Recliners

5. Couch/Loveseat

Get a quote for your next move.