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Meet the Owners

Clint Lewis

Gage Ausmus

Clint Lewis and Gage Ausmus met each other in May of 2006 at a hockey tournament in Brainerd, MN. They each got asked to play for a summer league team named the Jr. Islanders. Clint’s family was living in Brainerd at the time while Gage’s family lived in East Grand Forks, MN. Clint and Gage became friends through this team and would rejoin each summer to play hockey together. They both shared a deep passion for hockey and knew at a young age that was the sport each of them would pursue as they continued to grow older. They found success in the sport of hockey through their passion for the game and a willingness to outwork their peers. Going into their junior year of high school they had earned themselves a spot on the US National Team Development Program (the US NTDP) in Ann Arbor, MI. Moving away from home at a young age they quickly learned how important time management and attention to detail was. Clint and Gage lived in Ann Arbor for two years together where they both ended up graduating high school. After high school they continued to pursue their hockey dreams into college where they both earned scholarships to play the game they loved. Clint played hockey for Minnesota State University in Mankato, MN. Gage played hockey for the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. They both graduated from their schools with Business Management degrees. It was in college where Clint and Gage gained their moving experience. They both needed extra spending cash in the summers and being physically fit guys moving jobs came natural to them. All four summers of college Clint and Gage gained experience in how to move and pack properly to be cautious yet efficient with their customers items. After college Clint and Gage continued their hockey careers playing professional hockey. Clint started his professional hockey career with the Idaho Steelheads out of Boise, Idaho a minor league team for the Dallas Stars. He quickly learned how pro hockey was a business and not just fun and games anymore when he was traded to the Greenville Swamprabbits out in South Carolina. Gage started his professional hockey career with the Colorado Eagles out of Loveland, Colorado an affiliate with the Colorado Avalanche. Gage coincidentally was also traded during his pro hockey career to the Utah Grizzlies out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Being traded brought Clint and Gage back to their college summer days as they had to pack up their belongings and move to a different location. It was after a few years of professional hockey that Clint and Gage found themselves living together again, only this time in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The two were sitting in the living room of the house they were living in reminiscing on some memories the game of hockey had created for them. It was at that time they made the decision to officially hang up the skates and start brainstorming ideas for what would come in the next chapter of their lives. They examined their past experiences and thought of different ways they could relate those to the business world. That’s exactly when Minne (Minny) Moving started as an idea and from there grew into what it is today.


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