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Children and Moving: Tips for a Family-Friendly Relocation

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January 9, 2024

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Moving in Minnesota

Table of Contents

Moving can be a significant life change, especially for families with children. Here in Minnesota, where the community and family values run deep, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of relocating with kids is crucial. This blog aims to provide practical advice and thoughtful insights to parents in Minnesota, ensuring your family's move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Preparing for the Move: Engaging Your Kids

Start with a Family Meeting

Initiate a family meeting to discuss the move. Be open about why you're moving and what it means for the family. This is a great opportunity to address any concerns your children might have and involve them in the moving process.

Visit the New Place Together

If possible, visit your new home and explore the neighborhood. For those moving within Minnesota or to North Dakota, highlight the local parks, schools, and other family-friendly spots. Familiarity can ease the transition.

Let Them Help

Involve your children in packing and planning. Younger children can decorate the boxes, while older kids can assist in packing their rooms. This inclusion can make them feel valued and part of the process.

On Moving Day: Keeping Things Smooth

Keep a Familiar Routine

Stick to your usual routine as much as possible on moving day. Regular meal times and naps can provide a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos.

Safety First

With Minne Movers, we prioritize safety. Ensure that your children are in a safe area away from heavy lifting and moving equipment. Consider arranging for a family member or babysitter to look after them for part of the day.

Pack a ‘Day-of-Move’ Kit

Prepare a special bag for each child with snacks, toys, and other comfort items. This can help keep them occupied and comforted throughout the day.

Settling into Your New Home: Making it Feel Like Home

Unpack Their Rooms First

Prioritize setting up your children's rooms. Familiar bedding, toys, and pictures can help them adjust more quickly to the new environment.

Explore the Neighborhood

Once settled, take your children for a walk around your new neighborhood. Introduce yourselves to neighbors and discover local playgrounds and other amenities.

Maintain Old Routines

Try to maintain familiar routines in your new home to help your children adapt. Keeping the same bedtime rituals or mealtime habits can provide comfort during this change.

Involving the Community: Making New Connections

Local Community Centers and Activities

Explore community centers, libraries, and local events in Minnesota and North Dakota. Participating in community activities can help your family build new connections and friendships.

Engage with Local Schools

Get involved with your children's new school. Attend meet-and-greets and join parent-teacher organizations to integrate into the school community.

Participate in Local Events

Discover and join in local community events. Attending festivals, workshops, and other community gatherings can be a fun way for your family to feel part of the local culture.

Start a Smooth Transition for Your Family

Building a Support System

Create a network of support by connecting with neighbors, joining local groups, and participating in community activities. This can provide a sense of belonging and help in times of need.

Celebrating the Change

Mark this new chapter by organizing a family event like a housewarming or a neighborhood get-together. This can be a fun way to create positive memories associated with the move.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move with Kids:

  • Involve Them in the Process: Let kids have a say in their room’s layout, color schemes, and decorations. This can make the new environment feel like their own.
  • Keep Familiar Routines: Stick to regular meal times, bedtimes, and other daily rituals. This continuity can provide comfort in a new setting.
  • Explore Together: Visit parks, libraries, and other local attractions. This can help children feel excited about their new community.

Stay Positive: Keep a cheerful and optimistic attitude. Children often pick up on their parents' emotions, so staying positive can help ease their transition.

Ready for your big move? Contact Minne Movers for reliable, kid-friendly moving services. Visit our website for more information and to schedule your move today.