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Winter Packing & Moving Tips

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April 15, 2022

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Moving in Minnesota

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Moving can already be stressful. But if you’re facing a Minnesota winter move, you might be wondering how you can make it easier and warmer. It doesn’t have to be scary. With these tips (and some pro movers!) your winter move can be a tropical breeze.

Let’s dive into our best tips for a winter Minnesota moving day.

What is Minnesota Like in Winter?

Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities metro region, is frigidly cold, ranging from 14° in December to 8° in January. Typically, you’ll see snow on the ground starting in late October. By November, those snow blankets just get heavier.

Are you catching our drift? Minnesota winters are cold and wet! So if you’re planning a move, you need to be prepared.

How to Prepare

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t move into that new house, apartment, or business for 8 months. Read on for some expert tips.

Prepare Your Home For A Winter Move

You’ll want your new place to be warm and protected as movers shuffle in and out with your items. 

  1. If possible, shovel the driveway and parking areas before it’s go time. This will allow the crew to move safer and quicker, resulting in less total time spent on your job.
  2. Tracking snow and debris into the house is inevitable in the winter. Cover your new floors with cardboard or a plastic tarp to minimize any wetness or damage, and place doormats at each entrance. We will bring our own supplies to help keep your home clean of winter debris but it always helps when the customer is prepared before we arrive
  3. Imagine pulling up to your new place to move in…and there’s no heat. Go ahead and turn on utilities before you move.
  4. Start early in the day and allot extra time. The roads may be snowy, icy, and dangerous. Don’t risk your safety for an efficient move.
  5. Load up on all the winter essentials, especially if you’ve got a long drive: scraper, snow brush, emergency blanket, phone chargers, road salt, extra warm clothes, and snacks. 
  6. Place a space heater in a designated area so you can stay warm while your movers are in and out of your home all day.
Winter moving truck travelling down a snow filled road.

Prepare Yourself For Winter Weather

  1. Bundle up! 

Leave a winter coat, warm sweater, long johns, wool socks, gloves, a thick beanie, waterproof boots, and a scarf out of your packed boxes. You’ll need these for move day, going in and outside of the house, especially if there’s precipitation. 

  1. Prepare for all kinds of weather

While you’re planning what to wear for move-in day, factor in all kinds of winter weather: snow, rain, or ice. Be sure to check the forecast.

  1. Have a plan & move fast

You’ll want to make sure you’ve come up with a solid moving plan (entrances, exits, and parking) so the move…keeps moving. If you’re working with the Minnē Movers, we’ll stay in touch and prepare a plan that works for you.

Winter Moving With Minnē Movers

Your winter move is coming up. If all this preparation seems overwhelming, let Minnē Movers help. We’ll walk you through the best strategies and come up with a safe winter moving plan that fits into your budget and lifestyle. 

Ready to book a move? Apply for a free quote today to get started.